The Books

I have two beautiful poetry books currently available to purchase as Kindle downloads. To purchase, simply click on the book image.

Whispers of my Soul, poems from the heart:

Whispers of my Soul“I couldn’t put the book down. Her style is natural, accessible and draws you in from the very start. She has Pam Ayres’ wit coupled with John Clare’s perfect ability to capture the natural word on paper, and the result is entirely irresistible.

Hankies at the ready though – you will run the gamut of emotions with this book – at times I laughed out loud, then next moment I had tears running down my cheeks (probably to the great amusement of my fellow train passengers). I can’t wait to read her next book and discover more about this wonderful writer.”

JM from UK

Sacred Seasons, a yearbook honouring the beauty of nature:

Sacred Seasons “I especially loved Midsummer (I even had to scroll back and read it a few more times after I finished – perfectly captures the magic of summer evenings!), and Dandelion Dreams (“the dandelion launched a thousand dreams and a million wishes”) – that is perfectly worded and so magical!”

RB from USA