Wet and wild week of walking

Of all the weeks I could pick to start doing more outdoor exercise….

Some of you may have been following my weight loss journey so here is an update. I have stayed the same weight for the second week in a row. Yep, my weight loss has reached the stage where nothing is moving. Apparently it’s quite normal for this to happen, but I’m just 3 lb away from being in the ‘healthy’ weight range and it is very frustrating!

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What I love about summertime

Compared to last year, this summer has been quite disappointing and these endless grey days can get a girl down!

So what to do to lift up the mood? Well here is a list of my 10 favourite things about summertime living. They don’t all need the sun to be shining to do them, but of course it’s so much nicer if it’s a blue sky day…

1) Enjoy a nice glass of something chilled, overlooking the Dorset coast;

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Getting Creative

Over the past few days, the weather here in Hampshire – and pretty much the rest of the UK – has been the best of the summer so far. Big blue skies and hot sunshine. The scent of the lavender which we have growing in pots outside the bedroom window comes drifting in on the warm breeze in the cool of the evening … it could easily be somewhere in the Mediterranean;   Continue reading