Rustic Stick Star

Stick StarThe one thing I love about Christmas is to be able to make use of the things I find around me in the garden and hedgerows to make lovely decorations and ornaments for the home.┬áThis year is no exception and my favourite project by far has to be the lovely stick star made from little twigs gathered on a walk back in the summer. I’d left them drying out in the shed to use as kindling for our fire pit, but actually we had such a poor summer that we rarely sat out in the evenings. So I gave it another use.

So simple, all I did was take 5 twigs of fairly equal size, and cut them to the same length – taking off any knobbly bits with a pair of secateurs. I set them out in a basic 5 point star shape, then used a glue gun to glue them in place.

Once dry – and it didn’t take long, I gave the star a light dusting of silver spray paint. when that was dry, I took some festive themed twine that I’d picked up in Lidle for a couple of pounds and wove it around to make a very rustic and pretty star.

I was going to just leave it as a side decoration, but when we went to decorate the tree, we discovered that our old and much loved glittery star had disintegrated, so we put the stick star to good use!

Festive Tree

Looks nice, don’t you think? Pixie, our Christmas cat likes it too!

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